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Audio-visual installation and Sacred Space for Visionary Healing Art

The Temple of Creation is a 6m high audiovisual art installation, displaying a selection of my Visionary Healing Artwork of the past years. Much more than just an artistic display, it acts as a sacred space for creative contemplation for those stepping foot in it. It is a vision and physical manifestation of a sacred space between Earth and the Universe. A temple of conscious creation in which we can explore and return to our core and our essence.

The Temple arose from my early connection to sacred spaces and ancient temples. A pull to the power that they hold and were created with. As a child I was fascinated by science and deeply connected to nature. I found myself observing how sacred geometry is constantly being reflected back to us within the world of science and within natural formations. As an artist I now read and receive these geometric reflections as connections with our ancestors, a link back to our soul family whose roots lay deep in the ground and a cosmic calling from the Divine above.

The artworks that will be displayed inside the temple have been made through a precious and powerful experience of co-creation. Working with participants is a vital element of my artistic process and creates art through a union of unique physical and spiritual vibrations. As we stand in front of an artwork, we find ourselves connected to not only the soul who birthed it, but to all souls that have stood before it. We share space within the art and stand in moments of connectivity with others. Breaking down the walls that separate us from us, and us from them. This universal connection is at the core of art, and at the heart of healing.

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