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The Enrootment Method is a combination of different practices to conduct therapeutic and spiritual work from a scientific and trauma-informed view. It offers us a method to work with all human dimensions in an integrated and coherent way, and a framework to understand the relationship between these dimensions. It combines verbal techniques and psychological concepts to work with the mind, ego, and more non-dual parts of  the psyche with a solid base in bodywork and anatomy to work with internal tension and armour in the body. It adds a framework to work on the energetic dimension with Feminine and Masculine energy, Life Force Energy, and Kundalini. It also includes training around therapeutic practice, nervous system, trauma, breathing techniques, emotions and disease, emotional release and transformation, honouring the non-dual aspect of this whilst integrating it into the larger scientific framework.


The name was formed by the combination of two words and principles: Root and Embodiment. Embodiment meaning to bring, relate and connect our experiences to our bodies. the Root being our first energetic centre, our base for safety, nurturing and grounding during the transformational and sometimes spiritual experiences this method offers.



The Art of Healing - Ancient Visions for the Future

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Enrootment Method & Visionary Healing Arts

Bloom Belgium, printed spiritual magazine

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